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This article describes how to share files and folders on SharePoint.
This article provides instructions on how to use the manage access option to see what files/folders non-members of your SharePoint site are able to access. It includes instructions to manage non-member access.
This article provides information on the permissions inheritance hierarchy within SharePoint and how to plan your SharePoint site to ensure your information is secure.
This article explains how to enable anonymous file and folder sharing whether or not they have a Microsoft 365 subscription, or SharePoint account.
This article explains how file/folder owners can modify access for those who you have already shared the files/folders with.
This article provides instructions for how the Owner of a SharePoint site can access the permissions page, break and restore inherited permissions, assign, edit, and remove unique permissions.
This article lists the Microsoft 365 Group names for each campus. Use the list to share your Microsoft Teams and SharePoint site with the appropriate group.  This is how you can share your site with all users from a specific a campus or from multiple or all campuses.
This article provides information on Creating and Managing SharePoint Groups.
This article describes how to apply a sensitivity label to files you create using Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
This article provides instructions on how to modify permissions on a mail enabled public folder to allow for incoming email messages.
This article provides instructions on how to set the permissions on a public folder in the Outlook desktop application. It includes information about permission types and permission levels.
This article provides instructions on how to add guest collaborators and manage their permissions in a team in Microsoft Teams.
Protecting university data in SharePoint and OneDrive is everyone's responsibility. By following these guidelines and taking proactive measures, we can safeguard sensitive information and maintain data security within our university community.
This article explains and highlights OneDrive sharing/permissions and also lists ways to get more specific details from Microsoft help articles.
This article provides instructions on how to create shareable file/folder links, invite, and manage collaborators in OneDrive.