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This article provides an overview of the Carousel application, the software behind the TV displays located in buildings in Durham and Manchester. The Carousel software allows you to control the content in a designated area of the TV screen
This article features various USNH-supported software applications and how to use them.
This article explains how to use a secondary account's enhanced privileges to make changes on specific computers. See for steps to request a secondary account and permission to use it on specific computers.  Once both those requests have been fulfilled, then you can use the instructions in this article.
This article provides instructions to request the appropriate license and install Microsoft Visio or Microsoft Project to your Windows computer. These programs are available to USNH Faculty and Staff upon request.
This article describes an instructor's troubleshooting guide for iClicker at UNH.
This article includes frequently asked questions about the macOS upgrade to Big Sur and shows how to download and install it from the Apple Store. MacOS “Big Sur” is the latest Operating System released for the Mac. It introduces many new features to make your Mac experience more secure, optimized, and enjoyable. The KSC ITG has been successfully testing the new Big Sur Operating System and will begin facilitating the upgrades to all Mac devices that meet the upgrade criteria.