UNH iClicker: Instructor's Troubleshooting Guide

Task: This article describes an instructor's troubleshooting guide for iClicker at UNH.


Instructor iClicker Troubleshooting Guide

When I conduct a iClicker polling sessions, student using the mobile app are not able to answer questions. Why? 

  • Faculty who have enabled the student Mobile app must be connected to the WIFI or the ethernet while doing a polling session.  If you try to do a iClicker Polling session and you are not on the WiFi, the students will not be able to answer the polling questions.  On the iClicker software you'll see a message that states "iClicker student mobile app is disabled".  The fix is for the instructor to connect to either WIFI or Ethernet and then open Clickers to and go to the Mobile tab and re-enable it.  There is no warning message to the faculty.  The only way you will know there is an issue is because the students will not be able to see or engage in the polling session using their Mobile device.   The issue does not affect any one using the Clicker remote device.

Where do I enter the questions in iClickers?

  • The questions do not get entered into iClickers software.  iClickers takes a screenshot of what appears on your computer screen at the time you starts a polling session.  One option is to enter your questions in a PowerPoint and use the presentation mode to show the questions to the students.  The screenshot and the student responses are recorded in the grades area of iClickers.

I am receiving a "Validation Error" when I try to sync my roster or upload grades.

  • Be certain that you are using the correct iClicker software version. Do not download the software directly from iclicker.com, as you will be missing essential components that allow you to update your roster and send scores to your Canvas course.  The UNH technical admins add the Canvas course connection which allows the software to connect to the Canvas gradebook.

My instructor remote won’t turn on.

  • If the remote is new, be sure that the plastic tab has been removed from the battery case in the back.
  • Be sure that the batteries are facing the correct way and are fully inserted.
  • If you think it is possible that your batteries may have no charge left in them (average battery life is 200 hours), try replacing the batteries.  Check the battery power indicator in the LED screen on your faculty device

My instructor remote is not controlling the session.

  • Make sure that your instructor remote ID is entered into the software settings under "General".
  • Be sure that you have entered the correct frequency code. The code for each classroom is displayed on the wall at the front of the room.

My instructor remote is not controlling the PowerPoint presentation.

  • Check the solutions for "My remote is not controlling the session."
  • Make sure that PowerPoint is the active window. Clicking on the presentation with your mouse will make it the active window.
  • Check your PowerPoint settings, select Transitions and check the properties for Advance Slide. Uncheck the setting for Advance on Mouse click and timed advances. Then select Apply to all Slides.
  • If you are using a Mac with Mojave O/S then you also need to update the computer settings.

Check out this KB article for more details about the suggestions listed above.iClicker: Unable to Advance Slides with Instructor Remote

Students are not receiving credit for a session.

  • Be sure that you are choosing the correct class in the iClicker software when you begin a session.
  • Sync your class roster again to be sure it is up to date.
  • Make sure your student has entered their iClicker registration in the course.

My grades are not appearing in the Canvas.

  • You will need to "Sync Roster" in your iClicker course before sending grades. You may then choose "Sync Scores".
  • Be certain that you have the correct course selected in the software. You may check this under iClicker's Settings > Gradebook.

When opening iClicker on my Mac, the software says that the file "is damaged and can’t be opened".

  • Your security settings may be blocking the application. Go to "System Preferences", then "Security & Privacy." Under the "General" tab choose to allow applications downloaded from "Anywhere".

There are students in my class without a registered clicker. (Student name appears in RED)

  • You will need to "Sync" your course inside of the iClicker software. If the student is enrolled in the class, they need to register their remote in their Canvas course.
  • If the student has dropped the class, their name still appears in the Canvas people roster but is set to "inactive". The student name continues to appear in the Clicker roster but displays in a RED color. (The Red color indicates the student is not associated to a clicker or a mobile app) You will also notice the student has no activity for any of the sessions.

My students are using the student mobile app and not receiving points.

  • When you synchronize your roster or sessions do you see any messages about students mobile app registrations not being recognized? If you do, select the student mobile app registration and apply it to the appropriate student in the list. If the student registers their mobile app using their nickname rather than their full name in Canvas course it won't recognize their name. Or if the student doesn't enter their UNH login ID in their mobile app, then their registration may not be recognized.

Need additional help?

If you need assistance with your iClicker device or REEF app, you can visit the IT support desk in the Dimond Library, or fill out the iClicker webform with as much detail as possible.

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