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This article will aid in managing and interpreting attendance reports in Teams meetings. Gain insight into your meeting attendance such as learning who attended your meeting, what time each person joined and left, and more.
This article links to Microsoft Support articles to help you troubleshoot some of the more common Teams Meetings issues.
This article walks through how to share audiovisual media during a Teams Meeting.
This article will walk the user through how to share a Whiteboard in Teams Meetings and further resources on the whiteboard.
This article covers the default Teams Meetings settings.
If you're having issues loading Teams Meetings and can't load, this issue occurs if you use the Trusted Sites feature in your browser and you don't add the URLs for Microsoft Teams to the list of sites that your browser should trust.
This article will walk you through how to make a test call in Teams Meetings.
This article gives you best practices on scheduling a meeting in Teams Meetings, starting a meeting, things to do before the meeting, best practices for hosting a meeting, and best practices using your camera.
This article will review information about transcription and closed captioning in Microsoft Teams.
This article reviews how to add co-organizers to Teams Meetings.
This article provides some basics on how to use Teams Meetings for teaching.
This article reviews the poll feature in Teams Meetings.
This article walks you through getting set up in Teams Meetings, installing Teams Meetings, starting a meeting, and hosting a meeting.
This article will walk through how to change settings to have more control and security in your Teams Meetings.
This article will provide some foundational information and resources on Teams Meetings.