UNH Faculty Activity Report (FAR) - Where can I find my reports from previous years?

Task: This article describes the process to retrieve prior faculty activity reports.


You may find yourself in need of previous years Faculty Activity Reports (FARs). The recommendation has been, and continues to be, to save your generated reports including any narratives written to a separate area, i.e. OneDrive, as they are created. See myElements- Submitting the assessment document for help saving the report.

Export past years report

Reports that are created after May 2017 can be retrieved from myElements.

1. Log in to myElements

2. Click on Menu tab

3. Under the Build-Assessments menu click on the report that you need to export

4. Click on Export to Word/PDF a the bottom of the Summary on the right

Exporting the list of activities

To export all activities in list form. This is done if you have activities that were entered into Digital Measures and have a date prior to May 2017. Activities before this date will not show on a report.

  1. Log in to myElements

  2. Click on the header for the list you wish to export (found towards the bottom of the home page)

  1. Click on Export

  1. Choose File type. File will display in chosen file type and can be saved outside of myElements.

Current FAR:

Once faculty have created their FAR report, they can export to word or pdf prior to submitting for review. myElements - Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR) - Creating the Assessment Document

Need additional help?

Please fill out the myElements webform with as much detail as possible or contact the Technology Help Desk on your local campus.


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