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This article provides information on your myElements profile. How to access and update.
This article describes the steps to add an overview/bio in myElements.
This article will help faculty create their annual Faculty Activity Report using myElements.
This article includes some of the most frequent questions regarding myElements.
This article explains how faculty submit their assessment document (FAR) to their department chair.
This article will describe how to enter a publication/scholarly activity manually in myElements when other entry options are not available.
This article describes how to search and claim publications in myElements.
This article describes the process to retrieve prior report data for Faculty Activity Reporting purposes
This article demonstrates how to add a self assessment narrative and/or CV to your Faculty Activity Report.
This article highlights how a reviewer in myElements can export the FAR including downloading report attachments.
This article will step Paul College Faculty through the process of completing and submitting their FAR for 2021/2022
This article highlights the basics of myElements which include what it is, where and how to log in, and how to get help. It also includes a quick start guide on using the application and links to more detailed instructions.
This article highlights the steps that are needed to complete the annual assessment document using myElements.
This article describes how to register and use your ORCID within myElements for automatic publication claiming.
This article lists and defines the data sources that myElements uses to harvest publications.