Canvas: Grade Publishing Error Code Explanations

Task: This article describes different error codes that could occur when publishing Canvas grades to Webcat


​​​​​Canvas Grade Passback Publishing Error Code Explanations

When an instructor publishes grades from Canvas to WebCat they will receive an email once the process has run. This email will reference the course and course number, the total number of grades submitted and the number of errors if any. A Batch ID number will also be included which is important should you need support, you will be asked to reference that number.

It is important that after uploading your grades, you log into WebCat to ensure your grades published properly.

Sample Email

After submitting the grades you will receive an email containing detailed information including details about any errors. If you do have errors, see the table below for possible solutions. If you have cross-listed your courses, then you will be sent an email for each course.

The Batch# listed in the email is the easiest way the technical support admins can track down errors so if you submit a support ticket please include the number in the ticket. See the table below for the types of error you might see and the solution. Additional information about how to correct the errors in your submission are in the KB article (Canvas Grade Publishing to WebCat ). If you need immediate assistance please call the Service Desk at (603) 862-4242.

Example of email text:

"You submitted final grades for Course Name Here CRN 15XXX. A total of 11 grades were submitted and 3 had errors. Batch ID: 462
Final Grade not equal Current Grade

Error message   Issue Description/Resolution
Grade Publishing tab in Canvas displays error messages that indicate grades were "Unpublished".
  • Message is grades "All Unpublished"
  • This could mean the WebCat grading period is closed. If this is the reason, then you will also receive an email. Contact the Registrar’s office at (603) 862-1500
  • Message with a specific number of "Unpublished" grades.
  • This number could be for students who have been manually added to the course but have not registered with the Registrar’s Office. The email you receive won’t contain an error message but the total number of submitted grades will reduced by the number of unregistered students.
  • Have the student register through the Registrar’s office and re-submit the grade through WebCat
  • If there is a technical issue with the Canvas publishing module.
  • Contact the UNH IT Service Desk at (603) 862-4242 or enter a support ticket at
Emails with a message that there was an error with your attempt to publish grades. The message includes the number of "Unpublished" grades.
  • Final Grade not equal to Current Grade
  • Review your Canvas grades for students with ungraded assignments. Go to the Canvas grades area and make sure all students have a grade even if it is a Zero. Replace any dashes "-" with one of the following; points, zero, letter or EX for excused.
  • Instructor not assigned to section
  • The person who submitted grades is not the instructor of record in WebCat for the course.
  • This can happen if the courses are cross-listed (combined) and there are multiple faculty each assigned to their own section.
  • Ask the instructor of record to submit the grades.
  • Grade already rolled to history
  • The grading period in WebCat is closed.
  • Contact the Registrar’s Office at (603) 862-1500 for further instructions.
  • Grade not valid for section
  • The WebCat grade schema does not equal the grade schema in Canvas. Example: WebCat has course as a Pass/Fail but Canvas has it as a Letter grade.
  • The fix is to change the grade schema in Canvas and re-submit grades.
  • Learner course enrollment does not exist
  • Student was manually entered in Canvas but has not officially enrolled through Registrar’s office.
  • Have the student register through the Registrar’s office and re-submit the grade through WebCat.
  • Learner enrollment does not exist
  • Student registered for course and then un-enrolled from UNH.


This explains what the errors codes that could happen while publishing on Canvas.

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