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The University System of New Hampshire is committed to safeguarding your personal data and enhancing the security of our technology systems to protect all USNH institutions, our employees, and our students.  This article explains the Account Verification Process that applies to all USNH account holders - students, faculty, staff, contractors, faculty emeriti/ae, alumni/ae, etc.
This article describes different error codes that could occur when publishing Canvas grades to Webcat.
This article explains how to add a recording of your name pronunciation to Canvas as well as including a phonetic spelling of your name in your Canvas profile.
This article describes how to get started with iClicker Cloud.
This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about your USNH Outlook email account and associated email addresses.
Introducing Qualtrics, USNH's online survey tool. Qualtrics can be accessed by anyone with a PSU, GSC or UNH account. Faculty, students, and staff have access to this powerful survey tool.
This article describes how to create a video/audio assignment within myCourses.
This article provides instructions on how to use the manage access option to see what files/folders non-members of your SharePoint site are able to access. It includes instructions to manage non-member access.
This article provides information on the permissions inheritance hierarchy within SharePoint and how to plan your SharePoint site to ensure your information is secure.
This article describes how to share files and folders on SharePoint.
This article explains how to enable anonymous file and folder sharing whether or not they have a Microsoft 365 subscription, or SharePoint account.
This article descripts how to recover a deleted document from the SharePoint application.
This article provides instructions to automatically upload your Microsoft Form responses to your SharePoint site using Power Automate.
This article provides instructions for how the Owner of a SharePoint site can access the permissions page, break and restore inherited permissions, assign, edit, and remove unique permissions.
This article lists the Microsoft 365 Group names for each campus. Use the list to share your Microsoft Teams and SharePoint site with the appropriate group.  This is how you can share your site with all users from a specific a campus or from multiple or all campuses.