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Task: This article will assist you with importing items into myElements in RIS and BibTeX format.



myElements-Guide to Import of Publications

You can import items from Google Scholar, Bibliographic Indexing services and Reference Management databases in RIS or BibTeX format. These items are first checked against existing records in Elements, and will become manual records in your claimed (Mine) publications.

You will need to have a citation file to import. There are many places to get this including Zotero, Research Gate, and Google Scholar. Each application has an export capability. For help with exporting from Google Scholar see Exporting from Google Scholar . For help with other applications you will need to research the particular application.

To import items:

  1. Have the RIS or BibTeX file containing your items stored on your computer or network in a location that you can access
  2. Log in to myElements and navigate to Menu > Publications > Import
  3. Browse for the file you have saved and then click on ‘Upload’

image of citation file import

The system will compare the new publications with your current publications list (including any declined publications) and look for it in other users’ records as well. It will generate a list showing the new publications and any matches found with existing publications. For each publication that matches an existing record, you will be given a range of options.

For records that match an existing publication of yours, which has only online database records, you have three choices:

  • Import as new: create a new record based on this data, separate to the existing record
  • Supplement Existing: add a manual source to the existing publication record and make this the preferred source
  • Do not import: skip this record in the import file.

image of citation file import

Note: After importing, a comment is posted in history. This comment contains your user number and a message. Example 1. 3168 added to publication 2. Manual record added from import.


The user will understand more about importing items into myElements in RIS and BibTeX format.

Further reading:

Exporting from Google Scholar

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