Canvas: Rubrics Overview

Task: This article describes how to create a rubric and how to add criteria and ratings. 



Rubrics can be created in advance and then applied to the assessment.  Rubrics will show up associated to the assessment and are available for students to help them see what will be measured.  Faculty can use the rubric in the Speedgrader to select a rating to apply the points to the assessment grade.

Basic steps for adding a rubric:

  1. In the assessment, select the option to add a rubric.
  2. In the Rubric,select the three dots in the upper right hand corner, next to Edit. Select Show Rubric. Select Find Rubric to locate an existing rubric or start building rubric by adding criterion.
  3. Select the +Criterion to add new criterion.
  4. You can add more rating for each criterion.
  5. When finished building rubric, select Create Rubric. Close the Assignment Rubric Details. Your rubric is now attached to your assessment.


Users will be able to create rubrics on assignments and add criteria.


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