UNH - myElements: Frequently asked questions

Task: This article will provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by users of myElements.


Q- When logging in to myElements do I use my UNH credentials?

A- Yes. When you go through the UNH password change process myElements will update automatically.


Q- How do I update my profile information?

A-There is some information in myElements that is fed from other sources. Name, affiliations, and degrees are all fed from Banner HR. If any of these are incorrect you will need to fill out the appropriate HR form. For more information about changing any of these please contact HR at 603-862-0501. See Editing your profile


Q- What do I do if my title is duplicated on website profile?

A- This means that your main title was added to the academic appointment area in myElements. To remove your main title see Additional titles


Q- I have updated my profile and information in myElements, why is it not showing in my Faculty profile page or FindScholars?

A - There is a good chance the page did update but the server was loading an older version of the page. Holding shift + and clicking refresh, forces the server to reload the page from source rather than webserver cache. It is a known issue with the software behind FindScholars where old cached pages are not expiring and reloading. These caches are often browser specific. Our team is currently working on fixes, as well as updating to a newer version of that software. This will include moving to a newer server as well. Hopefully this solves the issue going forward.  In the meantime, unfortunately, the only way to fix this is the shift + reload button.


Q- Is ORCID required?

A- ORCID is not required but is recommended especially for those who have a common name or have or plan to publish under different names. It is a unique identifier that is associated with you as a publisher. ORCID is fast becoming the unique identifier of choice for publishers across many different disciplines since it is open and at no charge. It is a separate log in from your UNH credentials. Although you may use your UNH email address your ORCID registration is not linked to the universities log in process. See Using ORCID for more help.


Q- What do I do if I am not seeing all/any my publications?

A- myElements is automatically set to search for publications using the name variant (Last, First initial, Middle initial). If you have published under a different name or items that you have published are not indexed in the data bases that myElements harvests from then you will need to change the search settings. For help with search settings see Publication Search Help .

TIP: While on the search settings page add (Last First initial Middle initial) without a comma and periods and run the search again. This may pick up more publications.

myElements harvests publications that are indexed in certain data bases using CrossRef. If it is unable to harvest your publications you will need to use another method of inputting. Options include importing citation data from another application such as Google Scholar for help see Exporting from Google Scholar and manually entering publications for help see manual entry of publications.


Q- What do I do if I am seeing publications that are not mine?

A- This happens most often when someone else with your name is also publishing. Having a very common name will likely yield even more results. For help with search settings see Publication Search Help .

TIP: While viewing the pending publication list you can set a filter by adding pertinent information into the fields on the right of the page. This will narrow down the search results and make it more manageable.


Q- Why did my publication data not get transferred from the previous Faculty Activity Reporting tool, Digital Measures?

A- myElements, with proper set up, will harvest your publication data automatically. Due to the amount of manual entry that Digital Measures required, there was a lot of inaccurate and missing data. You may notice that you have professional and teaching activities already entered. This data will show on the right side of your home page after you have logged in. Activities that were entered into Digital Measures prior to July 2017 when the application was retired will show. Professional activities after that date will need to be entered manually.


Q- A Publication in my listing states it came from Local Source 1, what is this?

A - Local Source 1 in myelements, it was from a bulk load via the API. When UNH first implemented myElements, information from the previous system was brought over in a bulk import, this Information was imported with the source of "Local Source 1" 


Q- Where do I add presentations?

A- Presentations are considered scholarly activities. In myElements, scholarly activities are added under publications. See manual entry of publications


Q- How can I add professional/teaching activities?

A-See Adding Professional Activities

A-See Adding Teaching Activities


Q- I am unsure of where activities should be entered. Is there help for this?

A- For help with getting the activities entered in the correct place please see What goes Where?


Q- What do I do if my activities are not showing up in my assessment document?

A- 1. You will need to enter all activities into myElements before starting assessment. This is done from the home page.

2. Check reporting dates. Edit as appropriate. To ensure proper date use the date picker calendar for entry. See Adjust reporting date for activity.

3. Ensure that the "type" of activity you entered matches the reporting choice


Q- I have added activities to my report why is it still showing yellow/incomplete in the list on the right side of page?

A- The reporting category may have the option to add supporting information. See adding supporting information .


Q- Can I add a self assessment to my report?

A- Yes- See adding a self assessment narrative


Q- Where can I find my old report(s)?

A- myElements is for report generating only and it only allows for the current annual report. This application is not for the 3 year and post Tenure review process. It is recommended that you export and save the reports when you generate them each year. You can, however, export a list of activities that have been entered into myElements. See Reports from previous years


Q- Can I export a word/pdf version of the Faculty Activity Report?

A- Yes. It is recommended that you do since myElements does not save reports. See next steps in Creating the assessment document .


Need additional help?

Please fill out the myElements webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the Technology Help Desk on your local campus.

For additional training, see the Teaching and Learning Technologies training calendar.

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