UNH - myElements: Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR) - An Overview

Task: This article highlights the steps that are needed to complete the annual assessment document using myElements.

This video is a representation of the process. The visuals that you see in your environment will have different text but the process is the same.


Faculty Activity Reporting- An Overview

Prior to completing your Faculty Activity Report it will be helpful to understand the requirements for your report as described by your Dean. See Requirements by College/Role and click on the letter that is relevant to you.

To complete the annual assessment document you will need to complete the following steps

NOTE: This application is meant to be used to generate your annual report. It is not used for 3 year or post Tenure reviews. It is also not a repository for saving old reports. You will also only be able to export each years report for a specified time. Please remember to export and save your report externally each year that you create. Directions for this can be found in the final step of submitting your report.

1. Review data that has been pre-populated on your behalf , grants and scheduled teaching

2. Add activities to your profile that will be relevant for your FAR. NOTE: This is done from the home tab not from the report area. Activities added on the Home tab will be used to populate your annual report. NOTE: Your report may have different items listed but will be the same process.

NOTE: For assistance with understanding what categories are available for data entry and where to enter different types of activities please see What goes where?

Publications (Scholarly activities)

Professional Activities (Service)

Teaching Activities not pre-populated

Grants/funding not pre-populated

3. Use items that you have entered into myElements to populate your FAR.

       See Creating the assessment report

4. Submit your FAR for review

        See Submit the assessment report for department review

Need additional help?

Please fill out the myElements webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the Technology Help Desk on your local campus.

For additional training see Teaching and Learning Technologies Training calendar.

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