UNH myElements - Adding Grant/Funding Information

Task: This article describes how to add grant/funding information to a myElements profile.

NOTE: Video is a representation of the process. Visual depictions will be slightly different.


Adding Grant/Funding Information

Most external grant information is fed from USNH Sponsored Research. Only funding not tracked through Sponsored Research ( including some external and internal funding) should be added manually. If it is a research grant and tracked by sponsored research and not showing you can , as the PI/Co-PI, have the information updated by contacting your grant administrator for your dept. Information populated in this area may also have been converted from Digital Measures (Prior application retired July 2017).

  1. From the Home tab click on +add to the right of Grants (bottom right of page)

  1. Choose the appropriate funding type

  2. Add details (categories with a red* are required)

  3. Click Save


  • If your grants are showing on the Home page but not showing as a choice on your FAR you will need to adjust the reporting date. For help with this see myElements-Adjust Reporting Date
  • Find Scholars does not list anything that is not Awarded, disapproved/were submitted but not awarded
  • For Grants to show up in FindScholars they must be associated with your "official" profile. If they are linked with a placeholder (a user that is not present in the rest of the system) the result is grants are in Find Scholars but are "orphaned" with respect to your main profile.
  • Grants that were to have their Primary Investigator, set to your normal account, in addition to being claimed on your page, then they should be associated with your Find Scholars profile when it performs its daily refresh from Elements.


Need additional help?

Please fill out the myElements webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the Technology Help Desk on your local campus.

For additional training see Academic Technology training calendar.

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