UNH Kaltura Classroom: Getting Started

Task: This article describes how to get started with Kaltura Classroom.


Kaltura Classroom is only available on SuperTEC Windows computers. If you are using any other computer for lecture capture, you'll need to use Kaltura Capture instead.

This article will cover the following within Kaltura Classroom: the application window, recording info, starting a recording, canceling a recording, and saving a recording


The Application Window

Kaltura Classroom can record your computer screen and a camera, represented in the Primary Video and Secondary Video windows. If you want to turn either of these feeds on or off, click the camera/screen toggle icon shown in the screenshot below.

Each source (Primary Video, Secondary Video, and Audio) has its own settings button shown in the screenshot below. Clicking any of these will allow you to change settings for that device, such as switching to a different microphone or camera.

Kaltura Classroom Screenshot labeling all buttons


Recording Info

You can set the recording details at any time: before, during or after the recording.

To access the Recording Info screen:

  1. Click on the Pencil icon near the recording name on the top of your main recording screen.

    Kaltura Classroom showing the pencil icon

You can add the following information:

  • Title of the recording -- A default title will be used otherwise.
  • Description -- A description of your recording.
  • Tags -- Tags are searchable after the recording is uploaded to Kaltura. Press Enter after each tag you add.
  • User Name -- The User Name is the owner of the recording and will be able to view it in My Media within Canvas and MediaSpace.

To start recording

Press the "Start Recording" button in the middle of the recording screen to start recording.

A 5 second countdown timer appears before the recording starts.

Kaltura Classroom 5 second timer showing

When the recording begins, the duration of your recording is displayed under the Recording button as well as the Stop Recording button and Cancel indicator.

Pause icon with recording time shown

You can pause and resume your recording at any time. Click the pause button to pause your recording and record button to resume.

Recording time paused with "recording paused" stated

Click on the "Stop" square to stop recording.

Cancelling your recording

You can cancel your recording at any time. Cancelling a recording will discard it and the recording will not be saved.

To cancel the recording and remove the video:

Click on the "X" sign on the right of the Recording button.

A cancellation confirmation is displayed to allow you to either cancel or continue with the recording, or click No to go back to your recording.

Pop-up asking "Are you sure you want to cancel the recording?" with Yes and No options

Saving and uploading your recording

After you "Stop" recording you will be directed to the Recording Complete screen.

If you clicked stop by mistake, you can always click Cancel and you will be returned to your recording in a paused state. If you want to complete the recording and you have not entered the details yet, or you want to change them, enter the following information and click save.

  • Title of the recording
  • User Name
  • Description
    • Tags

      Kaltura Classroom showing recording complete

All the recorded videos are stored locally in your Recordings directory. If you have not changed the Recordings directory during the installation, the default recording directory is C:\ProgramFiles\Kaltura\Classroom\Recordings.

Your recording is automatically uploaded to your Kaltura account (to the user specified in the "User ID" field in the Recording Details screen).

The recording metadata (Title, Description and Tags) are also uploaded to Kaltura.

Upload is done in the background regardless of the user that is logged in. Once you save your recording, you can start a new one or log off and the recording will continue to upload.


User will be able to to get started with Kaltura Classroom.

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Need additional help?

Please contact the Service Desk at 603-862-4242, fill out the Lecture Capture web form with as much information as possible, or contact the Technology Help Desk on your local campus.

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