How do I request speech-to-text transcriptions in UNH AVST voicemail?


This article walks through how to request speech-to-text voicemail transcriptions in UNH AVST voicemail be delivered to your email address.  If you do not yet have UNH AVST Voicemail, first see AVST: How do I request a new UNH voicemail account?



Task: To get speech-to-text voicemail transcriptions delivered to your email address 



Step 1 - Speech-to-Text transcriptions on your UNH AVST voicemail can be requested through the USNH Telecom website at

Step 2 - Login to your account with your AD password 

Step 3 - You will be directed to your Home Page 

Step 4 - Save your account Profile (needed at first-time entry to account) 

Step 5 - Click on box to "Send Translated Text to 'your UNH email address"

You will see a pop-up message alerting:

  • Transcripts are handled through a 3rd party - will be received via separate email from voicemail notification
  • Acknowledge that Personally Identified Information (PII)  should never be sent via transcript.  If there is a chance of PII in your voicemails, do not request this service

This self-service transcript request is only available on Individual Voice Mail  accounts.  Group Voice Mail accounts that would like this transcript service need to send in their request via a web form on our website under "Make A Request"  > "Questions and Estimates".



You should successfully request speech-to-text transcriptions in UNH AVST voicemail.


Further Readings

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Need additional help?

Visit the Technology Help Desk Support page to locate your local campus contact information or to submit an online technology support request.  For password issues you must call or visit the Help Desk in person.  


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