UNH - myElements: Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR) - Adding a self assessment narrative

Task: This article demonstrates how to add a self assessment narrative and/or CV to your Faculty Activity Report.



Adding a self assessment narrative and/or CV

The narrative is typically defines activities that are not captured in the report already. The CV that is added here would be the one you would like your Department/College to have on file. This may not be the one that you created for public viewing,

  1. Click on Menu

  2. Click on Faculty Annual Activity Report Under Build-Review Processes

  3. Scroll down and click on Narrative and CV.  NOTE: May appear differently depending on your role

  4.  Attach a file (recommended) and Click Save or

  5.  Add item ( a text box, minimal formatting) and Click Save and Exit

NOTE: Paul College Faculty will only be able to Add Item since Attach a file is not available

NOTE: If you enter text into the text boxes it will show on the report but if you copy and paste text formatting will be lost. If you add an attachment it will show only the title of the attachment on the exported report. Your reviewer will be able to see the whole attachment.

NOTE: After attaching your files you will notice that the "no items added" message remains. This is due to nothing being added to the text only area. Attachments will be noted. In spite of this message you can continue since your attachments have been added.


Users should be able to add a self assessment narrative and/or CV to your Faculty Activity Report.

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