Canvas: Gradebook Missing and Late Policy Rules

Task: This article describes how to use the policies feature to define a default Missing or Late policy in Canvas.


The policies feature allows you to define a default Missing or Late policy that will automatically adjust points for online submissions that also have a due date. Using the policy is optional and by default it is not enabled.

What you should know about how the policies work?

  • The policies only apply to the course where you have enabled it.
  • Copied courses will not retain the previous policy settings.
  • Applies to all graded assessments that have a Due Date and are an online submission.
    • Assessment that are included are:
      • Graded Discussions
      • Quizzes
      • Graded Surveys
      • Assignments with a Submission Type of Online
  • Assignments flagged as "Do not count this assignment toward the final grade" will have the policy applied to the assessment but it will not change the final grade.
  • Assessments that are excluded from the policies:
    • Assignments with a Submission Type of;
      • No Submission
      • On Paper
      • External Tool which includes:
        • Clickers
        • Wiley
        • MacMillan
        • Cengage
    • Any assessment with NO Due Date
    • Any unpublished assessment
    • Any assessments that do not appear in the grade book. Examples are:
      • Practice Quiz
      • Ungraded Survey
      • Ungraded Discussion
  • If the policy is setup after grades have been applied to any assessment that are considered Missing or Late, then the policy will NOT overwrite the grade.
  • Manually entering the grades will not change the assigned Status label. Use the Grade Detail Tray to change the Status.


Users should know how to use the policies feature to define a default Missing or Late policy in Canvas.

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