UNH Faculty Profile Page Preparation Checklist

Task: This article provides a checklist for the items Faculty are encouraged to review/update in myElements to optimize their profile page.


This checklist covers the most common areas to review and update. Before starting this checklist you will want to be on your myElements profile. Please see myElements-Your Profile

Write your Biography

This overview will be the front page of your profile and should be a biography written for the web. For tips on what to include please see myElements - Tips for writing a faculty overview

Your main title is fed from Banner. This is for adding additional titles such as director of a center. Please see myElements-Your Profile-Adding additional titles

Identify the areas of research you want highlighted as your current interests. Please see myElements-Adding Research Interests

If your area of focus is not research you can identify your teaching interests you want highlighted as your current interests. Please see myElements-Adding Teaching Interests

Review the degrees listed. If there is inaccurate data submit a degree information form to HR.Services@unh.edu

Add links for research profiles or important information you want to share. Popular items include Google Scholar and Research Gate or links to lab or grant websites. Please see myElements-Adding Web Addresses and Social Media

Review the publications currently included in your myElements profile. If needed, claim or add additional publications. Please see myElements-myElements-Standard publication search and claim. Note that only the following scholarly activities will display on the website : Journal Article, Book, Chapter, Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits, Creative work, Brief, Legal Publication. To choose the publications that you would like displayed on the department website please see myElements- Setting publication favorites

Upload Your CV

In the future the CV uploaded in myElements will be linked on the faculty profile page. Please see myElements - Uploading your CV to prepare for this functionality

Need additional help?

Please fill out the myElements webform with as much information as possible or contact the Technology Help Desk on your local campus.


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