Salesforce: Outlook Integration Set Up


This article details how to set up Outlook Integration for Salesforce on Windows Outlook Desktop App.



Task: To install and set up Salesforce Add-in

Note: The Salesforce Side panel in Outlook was previously known as "Salesforce for Outlook" prior to December of 2020 and is now referred to as "Outlook Integration".


Step 1 - In Outlook, select the "File" tab.

Step 2 - At the bottom click the “Manage Add-ins” button (This should open a web browser with your Outlook - you may have to sign in)

Click the "Managa Add-ins" Button


Step 3 - Go to the "Admin Managed" tab

Step 4 - Click the "Add" button for the Salesforce add-in.

Admin-managed tab and the Salesforce add-in button


Step 5 - Close the Outlook client and re-open to see the Salesforce button in the client.

Salesforce View button in Outlook Client Ribbon


Step 6 - Click "Log In to Salesforce".

Step 7 - Click "Use Custom Domain".

red box highlight the use custom domain


Step 8 - Please type in "nhoutreach" for the UNH Outreach org, "unhwildcats" for the UNH Recruit org, "Keenestate" for Keene or "granite" for CPS and click Continue.

Step 9 - Log in with your USNH credentials (ex.

Step 10 - The options available are specific to actions you can take while you’re reading or composing an email. Access Salesforce data, such as accounts, opportunities, contacts, and leads that match an address in the email. To view more details, such as Chatter feeds, the activity timeline, and related lists, select a matching record. You can also edit Salesforce records directly in the pane.

Salesforce Pane



You have successfully set up the Outlook Integration for Salesforce.


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