Salesforce Classic: Creating a One-Off Email Template


This article details how to create a one-off email template in Salesforce Classic.



Task: To create a Salesforce Classic Template


Note: One-off email templates are separate from TargetX Email Broadcast templates. These templates are meant to be sent via the "Send Email Button" on an individual record and are not to be sent in campaigns. 

Step 1 - To create email templates, go to TargetX Email.

Step 2 - Go to Email Content

Step 3 - Go to Email Templates (under the Archived Email Builder).  

  • If you’re having trouble with formatting, try the TargetX Builder (Email Campaign Builder) and take a look at the source code
  • When adding any images to your signature, you should resize the image(s) before adding them to your image library.  
  • Make sure to test your templates in Outlook and other email clients. (Outlook will almost always look worse, but work with it until you can get it acceptable for your needs. The less formatting, the less likely it will render differently).
  • If your goal is to make this look like it's coming from Outlook, use the Classic Letterhead of "Blank" with a "Free Form Letter" Email Layout

a image of email templet



You have created a one-off email template in Salesforce Classic.


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