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Knowledge Base shortcuts allow an item to appear in multiple categories without recreating the item. This article provides information about knowledge base shortcuts for TeamDynamix Knowledge Base (KB) editors.



Note: The following information is intended for TeamDynamix Knowledge Base (KB) editors. 

Knowledge Base shortcuts allow an item to appear in multiple categories without recreating the item.

Articles may be shortcuts within and between multiple Client Portals.

Categories may only be shortcuts within a single Client Portal.


Institution Branding on Shortcut Articles

Though our articles live in the primary USNH portal, once they are viewed through a shortcut in an institution-branded portal, the Institution's branding will remain. What's more, the client will not be sent to another portal to view the article; they will stay in and be able to continue to navigate within their institution's portal, providing for a more seamless client experience. 


Creating a Shortcut

Step 1 - While not required, it is easiest to navigate to the category level in the KB where you'd like the new shortcut to appear.

Step 2 - Click the + New Shortcut button
 ​​​​​​new shortcut


Step 3 - In the window that appears, you will have the following options:

  • Shortcut Type
    • Article or Category
      • Categories may only be shortcuts within the Portal in which they were created.
      • Articles may be shortcuts between Client Portals.
  • Target Client Portal
    • This is where the article actually lives.
    • Our articles will always live in the primary Client Portal (non-branded).
  • Target
    • This is the item (article/category) to which the shortcut will point.
  • Parent Category
    • This is where the shortcut will appear.
    • Tip: if you navigated to the correct category (step 1) this will be autopopulated.
  • Order
    • This will determine in what order the shortcut appears in the selected Parent Category.  This should normally be left as "1", the same as on any other article or category, so it will sort in with all the rest of the items in that category.
  • Pin Shortcut (if article)
    • This will place the shortcut at the top of the list of articles in the Parent Category selected.

Step 4 - Save


Editor View

For KB Editors, shortcuts will have an Anchor icon. This icon does not appear to clients or non-editors. 

Article Shortcuts:

list of articles


Category Shortcut:

categories list


Editing/Deleting a Shortcut

To edit an existing shortcut, click its Anchor icon. anchor tag

Edit any of the fields and save. Or, delete the shortcut by clicking the red Delete Shortcut button in the top right.


Editing an Article via its Shortcut

The Edit Article button appears, even when viewing an article via a shortcut. If you click the Edit Article button keep in mind that you are editing the original article, not a copy. Any edits made will appear wherever this article appears, including in other client portals. 

The editor window will show the breadcrumb trail of the article's actual location and will display a notice which includes a link to return to the shortcut location.

warning when editing an article via shortcut


Further Readings

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