TargetX Events: Using the Zoom Webinar Integration


This article details how to use the Zoom Webinar Integration on TargetX.  The article includes instructions on how to create a webinar, how to create email templates and events to invite attendees, how to host the Webinar, and how to review and report on webinar attendance. Audience: KSC, CPS, UNH, and USNH users of Salesforce Recruit

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Task: To create a Zoom Webinar


Step 1 - In the Lightning User Interface(UI), navigate to the Zoom Webinars tab.

Step 2 - Click New.

Step 3 - Create a Zoom Webinar with Approval Type = No Registration Required

Step 4 - Match your Topic name with the name of your TargetX Event Name.

​​​​zoom webinar


Step 5 - Add the required information and Save. (Leave the Campaign and Lead check boxes unchecked.)

image of the saving page


Step 6 - To generate the Join URL, navigate to the right-hand drop down and click Sync Webinar From 

Sync Webinar From


Step 7 - A window will pop up stating the sync job was started and to wait 5-10 seconds. Click the Back button.

Step 8 - Once synced you will find your Join URL has been generated. 

Step 9 - The Zoom Webinar has now been created in both Zoom and Salesforce. 

zoom webinat has been created



You have successfully created a Zoom Webinar.

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Task: To create an email template


Note: Remind the students that they must use the email they registered for the Event with. Zoom will match Contacts based on Email address.

Step 1 - Navigate to Setup and search for Classic Email Templates

Step 2 - Select the Event Email Templates folder

Step 3 - Click on the Event Registration Confirmation template

Step 4 - Click Clone

Step 5 - Click Edit HTML version

Step 6 - Add the Join URL link from the Zoom Webinar object along with any additional information you wish to provide.

Step 7 - Save your changes.​​​​​​​

Step 8 - Repeat for any other Email templates you wish to include, such as Event Reminder.​​​​​​​



You have successfully created an email template.

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Task: To create an Event


Step 1 - Create an Event as you normally would, using the same name as you entered for the Zoom Webinar Topic.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Step 2 - Add the Join URL link to the Zoom Link field on the event record. ​​​​​​​

Step 3 - Select the Email Templates you created in Step 2 for the Event Confirmation Email and Event Reminder Email.​​​​​​​

Step 4 - Students who register for this event will now receive the Join URL in your email event confirmation email for the Zoom Webinar that you just created.​​​​​​​



You have successfully created an event

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Task: To host the Webinar


Step 1 - You will host the webinar event as you normally would either by logging into Zoom or by starting the webinar from Salesforce.​​​​​​​

  • There are no additional steps or actions needed on the day of the event. Because you've already synced the Zoom webinar in Salesforce it will push the attendance data from Zoom to Salesforce with any additional action/steps. As mentioned above, the sync to find contact records is on the email address, so Zoom attendees need to join with their same email they use in the Salesforce for it to capture their attendance. If they sign into your webinar only by phone, it will not match them to a contact record automatically.​​​​​​​
  • When students click the Join URL it will take them directly to your Zoom Webinar, and, will send their attendance back to Salesforce via the Zoom Webinar Attendee object.  

host a zoom webinar



You have successfully hosted a Zoom meeting.

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Task: To review Webinar Attendance


Step 1 - Once the event has ended, all Zoom Webinar attendee information will sync back to Salesforce into the same Zoom Webinar object.  This can be found under the Related tab of the corresponding record you made earlier. ​​​​​​​

highlight related tab


Step 2 - The Zoom Webinar History record will capture whether each attendee is a contact or a lead. Their is_Attendeed checkbox will be checked on their Details tab. If no contact was found, you can manually relate this record to a lead or contact by clicking the pencil next to either of those fields. When relating it to a contact or lead record it will add it to their contact record under the Zoom History related list.

When it finds the contact, it will lookup that contact's Contact Scheduled Item records to see if they have registered for an event where the Join URL from the Zoom Webinar matches a Zoom Link value on the event registration record. If the Zoom Webinar History record had a checkbox in the is_Attendeed box, it will check the Attended box on the event registration record (Contact Schedule Item) for that contact record. 


Step 3 - The Zoom Webinar Attendee record will capture each attendee and display their attendance statistics: Join Time, Leave Time, Duration (in seconds). If attendees leave and re-join the webinar they will have multiple Zoom Webinar Attendee records. 



You have successfully reviewed Webinar Attendance

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Task: To report off Webinar Attendance


Note: Attendance for Contacts on the Zoom Webinar object will update the Contact Schedule Item Attended field for the contact only if the Join URL matches the Zoom Link AND a student enters the webinar with the same email address on their contact record.
Step 1 - To report off your Zoom Webinar History in Salesforce, use the Contacts with Zoom Webinar History report type. 

Step 2 - To report off your Zoom Webinar History and Attendance in Salesforce, use the Zoom Webinars with Webinar History and Attendees. 



You have successfully reported off the Webinar Attendance.

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