Canvas (myCourses): Using Course Data for Academic Integrity Concerns


This article describes how an instructor would obtain course data when there are questions or concerns about academic integrity. 

Important Note: Canvas course data alone cannot imply or confirm student dishonesty or intent. The data should not be used directly to implicate a student in wrongdoing.



Obtaining Canvas Course Data

There are several locations where you can locate course data depending on whether an assignment, discussion, or quiz was made available to students. 

Course Analytics

Course analytics will show you activity by date, assignment submission information, and the ability to view grades over time. This feature will help you investigate concerns with a student accessing the course or questions about whether assignments have been submitted.

  1. To learn more about course analytics visit 
  2. To learn more about viewing course analytics for a single student visit

Quiz Analytics Log

  1. All Canvas quizzes provide a log of activity that happened during an attempt. This feature is designed to help you investigate problems that a student may have in the quiz.

  2. To learn more about the quiz log visit


Users should be able to obtain course data when there are questions or concerns about academic integrity.


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