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Faculty (anyone with a “teacher” role) can edit the course name and append to the course code in Canvas. The course code should not be changed as it contains vital coding information for the Banner Registration system. Banner and Canvas “communicate” several times a day and the edited Canvas course code will be reset by Banner during regular communication.

Faculty have need of changing the course code in Canvas, so the systems and their communication have been revised so that Faculty can append the course code while retaining the base elements needed by Banner. Faculty can change the Course Name as they see fit. 


Task: This is an article with information about Canvas and Changing Course names. 


What is the Course Code?

The Course Code is a unique identifier used throughout the University System to identify a specific course. CRSE 101.01 (Fall 2023) is a generic example where “CRSE” is a four-letter subject identifier (short for “Course” in this example) followed by a set of numbers: 101 (for the most basic course offered for this subject) followed by section numbers where .01 indicates Section 1 of the course.

Where Can I find the Course Code in Canvas to Edit it?

From any course in Canvas, click on Settings (at the bottom of the Course Menu on the left-hand side) which should bring you to the “Course Details” tab. The third item down is the Course Code.


How can I Edit the Course Code and Course Name?

Canvas will allow you to change the course code at any time however you see fit, but as mentioned, Banner will simply replace it when the two systems check in with each-other several times per day. However, you can append the course code to suit your needs without Banner interference by simply adding what you like to the end of the pre-determined course code.

Using the example above, you must maintain the GREK 503.01 (Fall 2023) (or Banner will reset what you’ve changed) but you can add anything to the end that you would like such as:

GREK 503.01 (Fall 2023) & GREK 503.02 


GREK 503.01 (Fall 2023)  & GREK Honors


Please Note: The course Name field can be updated and changed as needed. If the Course Code field is changed (not just appended), it will revert both fields back to the original name. 


Users will understand how to change the Canvas course name. 


Need additional help?

Please fill out this Canvas webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.

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