Salesforce Lightning: Home Page and Navigation


This article provides an outline of the Navigation and Home page in the Salesforce - Lightning interface.



Salesforce is very customizable. Permissions are set at a "profile," "role," and "field" level, so experiences are variable. The main layout of a Lightning page will include a search page, tabs, an app launcher, global actions, and setup features. The app will determine which tabs and page layouts are shown.

To navigate to a new app, click the App Launcher (nine circles). Tabs may be organized horizontally or vertically, but in both cases the tabs are customizable by clicking the small pencil icon after the last tab. Apps that have a horizontal layout will open a new window for each record clicked on. 



Apps that have a vertical tab structure (console apps) will open a sub-tab for each record that is clicked on. This will allow for easy navigation between recent items and allows multiple records to be open at a time. Console apps also have an omni-channel utility bar at the bottom which will house LiveAgent Chat and other similar options. 



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