Salesforce Lightning: Sending a One-Off Email

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 This article details how to send a One-Off Email and update user merge fields in Salesforce Lightning.



Task: To verify contact information in User Merge fields.

Note: If you are planning to merge information from any User Merge fields, verify the contact information in your profile first.


Step 1 - In the top right corner select your profile picture and click Settings

red box highlights the settings option


Step 2 - Under My Personal Information select Personal Information and confirm/fill out Name, Phone, Email, and Title. These will populate the user's profile information for who is sending the email.

red box highlights the information that needs to be filled in



You have successfully updated or confirmed your contact information for User Merge fields.

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Task: To send an email in Salesforce Lightning.


Step 1 - To send emails, either click the Global Actions button and select Email or go to pertinent record and select the Email tab on the right hand side.

Step 2 - Compose your message and click Send

red box highlight the email icon



These emails will show up in the Activity Timeline for the related record.

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Task: To use an existing email template in Salesforce Lightning.

Note: These instructions are for using an existing email template.  See related articles in Further Readings below for how to create an email template in either Salesforce Lightning or Classic.


Step 1 - First click into the "Write an email..." text box or press the "Compose" button. This opens a larger window to draft your email.

Email "Write an email" with Compose button


Step 2 - Click the Insert a Template button in the bottom left highlighted in red. The button looks like a word document with a plus sign in the bottom right.

Email compose window with Insert Template button highlighted in bottom left


Step 3 - Choose Insert a template to using existing templates

red box highlights the insert a template

Step 4 - To find a Template select a Template Folder, or leave it on All and use the Search feature. Be sure you are looking for the right type of template. Currently we use All Classic Templates.

  • My Lightning Templates
    • This shows lightning templates you have created in both public folders and your private folder.
  • All Lightning Templates
    • This shows lightning templates created by everyone (unless they are in that user's private folder) including yourself.
  • All Classic Templates
    • This shows all public classic templates.

red box highlight the templates



You have inserted an email template to use when sending in Salesforce Lightning.

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