EAB Navigate: Reports - Scheduling a Report

Task: In version 21.1.13 of EAB Navigate users now have the ability to schedule reports to be run on a frequency determined by the user


Reports like Student Lists and Save Advanced Searches can now be Saved so they can be run at will with all the filters the user needs in place.  See EAB: Navigate - Saving Advanced Searches

NOTE:  Saved/Scheduled reports are dynamic and will provide most recent and updated information when run.

To Schedule Reports with filters applied, first run the report and Save that report to the Lists and Searches area as described in the article link above.

  1. Navigate to Lists & Saved Items on the left menu options
  2. Scroll down to Saved Reports
  3. Select the Report you would like to schedule by checking the box to the left of the Report name
  4. Use the Actions menu dropdown and select Configure Schedule
  5. This will activate a dialog from the right side of the screen
  6. Using the options provided, Schedule the Duration to which you would like this report to run using a Start and End Date
  7. Next, select a Frequency, how often would you like this report run
  8. Enter a Time for when you would like this report run
  9. Click, Save Scheduled Report Rule at the bottom
  10. Your Report will now run based on the criteria entered above.


This will help users be able to schedule reports to be run on a frequency determined by the user.

Need additional help?

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