PSU Course Evals (Blue) - Overview

Purpose: This article is intended to provide a brief overview of the software application that USNH institutions use to record student feedback on courses and faculty at the end of terms.
Intended Audience:  Institution Blue Course Feedback Users
Environment:  Course Evaluation Software

Scope of Article: This article describes the basic functions of Blue as Course Evaluation application. It highlights the policies and procedures, how to access the portal, and understanding reports for PSU. Whether you are a student, faculty/ta, or Dean's office staff this article will help you find resources.



  • The question set for most courses remain as they were in CourseEvals.  Some departments such as Nursing, MBA and COBA have additional questions.


Requirements for Course Evaluations

  • PSU sends an evaluation out for every course, however in order for a report to be generated for the evaluated course, at least 2 students must complete the evaluation. 

Accessing the Blue Survey Portal

  • Blue can be accessed in a few different manners, either directly through Canvas using the "Course Evals" menu option,  from a link that is sent in an email from the Blue system (from the Office of the Provost) or directly through Bluecourseevals.plymouth.eduThe email link is specific to the user who receives it and takes them directly to Blue. The Blue software is setup with Single Sign-on (SSO).

For Students

  • The following is is instructions on how students would access the Blue application. There are several ways in which students may access their Survey, either through Canvas using the "Course Evals" menu option or directly from an email sent to students from the Provost when surveys open

For Faculty/TA

  • The following is is instructions on how instructors would access the Blue application.  There are several ways in which faculty may access their surveys, either through Canvas using the "Course Evals" menu option or by logging directly into Blue.  

Accessing reports

  • Reports can be accessed with Deans, Dean's staff, and Teacher level permissions.

Further Reading

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Managing the Course Menu

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