Kaltura: Access Denied, Blank Page or API Error

Task: This article will outline the processes for what to do if a user encounter Kaltura Access Denied, blank page, or API errors.



Users who encounter an "access denied" or blank page error in Canvas Kaltura or MediaSpace (if they are sure they have access to the video) should close their browser window and try again.

Users should first contact the owner of the video to make sure they have been given access. In the case of videos for a course, the owner would be the instructor.

If you encounter an  "access denied", a blank page, or API error while attempting various tasks on MediaSpace within Canvas in a course, or through MyMedia in Canvas, in most cases this is a transitory issue on Kaltura's servers. Users who try again almost immediately are able to complete their tasks.

If the error is encountered:

  1. Clear your browser's cache

  2. Close all browser windows and restart.

  3. Go to Kaltura MediaSpace and login or login back to Canvas and go to your course. 

  4. Attempt the operation again.

  5. If the error persists, first, contact the owner of the video, to make sure the settings are correct to allow you access.

  6. If you still have trouble, reach out to your campus Help Desk via the ticketing or phone call, and the Kaltura team can investigate further. If you have an API error, if possible provide the error code. 


The user will better understand the processes for what to do if the user encounters Kaltura Access Denied, blank page or API errors.

Further reading:

Clear your browser's cache

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