CPS, UNH Canvas: Course Naming Convention


This article discusses the Canvas course naming convention. 


Canvas course name convention

The following table shows the course code and course name as it will appear in Canvas courses.  This change will take effect for Summer Term 2023 courses. This change updates the course name and course code to include the instructional method, except for Face-to-Face courses.  

  • Online Asynchronous will appear as OLA in Canvas
  • Online Synchronous will appear as OLS in Canvas
  • Hybrid Blended will appear as HY in Canvas
  • In person or face to face (F2F) will have no specific designation in the course code. 



Part of Term 

Short Name 

Long Name 


 Full term 

 MGMT 410.02 (Fall 2023-HY) 

 MGMT 410.02: Principles of Management (Fall 2023-HY)  

 Online   Synchronous 

 Eight Week Term 

 EDC 500.01 (Fall 2023-Term 1-OLS) 

 EDC 500.01: Foundations of Education (Fall 2023-Term 1-OLS) 

 Online   Asynchronous 

 Eight Week Term 

 COMM 542.01 (Spring 2023-Term 3-OLA) 

 COMM 542.01: Interprsonal Comm & Grp Dynmcs  (Spring 2023-Term 3-OLA) 

 In Person / F2F  

 Full Term 

 ECON 401.05 (Fall 2023) 

 ECON 401.05: Principles of Economics Macro (Fall 2023) 

 In Person / F2F 

 Eight Week   Term 

 ECON 401.06 (Fall 2023 Term 1) 

 ECON 401.06: Principles of Economics Macro (Fall 2023 Term 1) 


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