MyAccount: Claiming your Account at USNH


This article goes through detailed steps for claiming your account if you are new to any of the University System of New Hampshire (USNH) Institutions - Keene State College (KSC), Plymouth State University (PSU), or University of New Hampshire (UNH), as well as the USNH System Office.

  • Accounts and passwords are managed through Microsoft's MyAccount and Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) tools, so much of this process goes through Microsoft screens.
  • We recommend claiming your account using a computer or tablet.  You will also need your mobile phone or alternate phone available for verification.
  • During the verification process, you will need access to the personal email account you provided when you applied to be a student or employee.


These instructions also apply to non-primary accounts created as of June 2024. In the instructions below:

  • Use the non-primary account's, instead of your primary (Steps 2, 4, and 9). 
  • Use your primary campus email address, instead of a personal email address (Steps 5, 6, and 16).



Task A: To claim your USNH Account, create a USNH password, and configure sign-in methods for multi-factor authentication (MFA) and password reset.

Helpful Tip: Think up a new password that follows the USNH Password Policy and Password Best Practices before you begin the process below.  It may be helpful to write it down and make notes if you change any part of the password during the process below.



Step 1 - On your computer, browse to . A generic Microsoft "Sign in" screen will appear.

Note: If you do not see this "Sign in" screen, you may already be signed into a Microsoft account (such as a personal or previous school or employer account). To access your new USNH account:

  • Switch to a different web browser or a private/incognito browser window, where you are not currently logged into any Microsoft account. 
  • Or in your Microsoft account screen, click on your initials/profile picture in the upper right and choose "Sign out".  After the sign out is complete, close/quit your browser, then open the browser and try this Step 1 again.  

Step 2 - In the "Email or phone" field, type your (Fully Qualified Username), for example:, then click "Next".  Note: For more information about usernames at USNH, see the FAQ for USNH Accounts

Step 3 - The USNH branded "Enter password" screen will appear, with Chocorua Lake in the background.  Click the "Forgot my password" link.


Step 4 - Your should already be filled in.  Type the letters to prove you are a human, then click "Next".  

USNH branded "Get back into your account" screen with filled in and red boxes around the CAPTCHA field and "Next" button


Step 5 - At verification step 1, with the button by "Email my alternate email" selected, click the "Email" button to send a code to the email address we have on file for you, usually the one you used when you applied to your USNH institution. 

Step 6 - Open your email and find the message with the sender listed as:  Microsoft on behalf of USNH ( the code from the  message and Type the code into the "Enter your verification code" box, then click "Next".  Note: if you do not readily find the message, check your spam or junk mail folders.


Step 7 - At choose a new password, create a new password and confirm it, then click "Finish".  Your password must be 14 to 64 characters in length with no other complexity requirements.  See the USNH Password Policy for full details and Password Best Practices for guidance.


Step 8 - You will see a confirmation screen that "Your password has been reset".  Use the "click here" link on the confirmation screen to proceed to the Microsoft Sign in page.


Step 9 - In the "Email or phone" field, type your (Fully Qualified Username), for example:, then click "Next". 

Step 10 - You will see the USNH login page.Type your new USNH password and click "Sign in".

Step 11 - In the More information required box, click "Next" to proceed to Keep your account secure.

Step 12 - Enter your cell phone number following these guidelines:

  • To configure an international phone number, select the country from the drop-down list.  This adds the country code automatically, so you do not need to type it.
  • Enter your full phone number with area code or city code (no country code).
  • Select "Text me a code" to enable both SMS Text and automated calls.
  • Click "Next" and follow the prompts on screen and/or through the phone to verify this mobile phone.


Step 13 - Click "Done" on the Success! screen. If you are prompted to "Stay signed in?", choose either Yes or No as you prefer.

Step 14 - Your My Account page will open.  Click on UPDATE INFO in the Security info tile. 

Security info box with "UPDATE INFO" link


Step 15 - You may be prompted to "Verify your identity" with the phone number you just set up.  Click on the option you prefer:

  • If you chose "Text ", you will have to find the text with a 6-digit code. Type that code on the "Enter code" screen and click "Verify".
  • If you chose "Call", you will have to answer your phone and press the # sign on your phone when prompted.

Step 16 - Any previously configured sign-in methods, such as the cell phone you just set up, will be listed here on the "Security info" page.  Click Add sign-in method to configure the Microsoft Authenticator App (for MFA) and a personal email address (for password recovery). We strongly advise that you configure as many methods as you can. See full instructions in article Updating Security Info for password recovery and MFA verification.

Security info list with Phone only and a box around "Add sign-in method" link.


We recommend you have at a minimum the Microsoft Authenticator App (for MFA), a cell phone (for MFA and password recovery), and a personal email address (for password recovery).  Having these three methods ensures that you are have continued access to your accounts in the event of travel or a situation where you do not have wifi or cell phone service. 

Security info list with minimum methods listed: Phone, Microsoft Authenticator, and Email.




You have claimed your account.  You know your (fully qualified username) and have a new USNH password

You have configured your cell phone as a sign-in method for both multi-factor authentication (MFA) and password reset or recovery. 

You have configured the Microsoft Authenticator App (for MFA) and a personal email address (for password recovery), along with as many other methods as you can.

If you were going through this process for a non-primary account, you have a password and have set up MFA and password recovery for the


Next Steps

When you log into resources at USNH, you may be prompted for your and password, or to verify your login with one of your MFA methods.  How often you are prompted to sign in depends on how long it has been since you last provided verification, and on the requirements of the specific resource you are using. If applicable, you can log in normally with your non-primary account wherever you are required to use it.


Further Readings

Updating Security Info for password recovery and MFA verification

MyAccount: Resources

Accounts: FAQ for USNH Accounts

Password Best Practices

USNH Password Policy 


Need additional help?

Visit the Technology Help Desk Support page to locate your local campus contact information or to submit an online technology support request.  For password or account issues you must call or visit the Help Desk in person.  

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