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This article describes how to share files and folders on SharePoint.
This article provides the information needed to familiarize yourself with USNH IT data classifications and approved data storage locations.
This article explains USNH Microsoft Teams usage guidelines.
This article provides information comparing shared mailboxes and distribution groups, including a link to the request form where you can request a shared mailbox or distribution group.
USNH accounts and passwords are managed through Microsoft's MyAccount and Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) tools. Visit to change your password, manage your account verification methods and security options, or to claim your account for the first time.  Use the "Forgot my password" or "Can’t access your account?" link to reset your password if you have forgotten it or it no longer works.
This article explains how to update your MFA verification methods if you are changing phone numbers or replacing your phone or mobile device that you use for MFA.
This article explains how to add and manage password recovery and MFA verification methods.  We recommend you have at a minimum the Microsoft Authenticator App (for MFA), a cell phone (for MFA and password recovery), and a personal email address (for password recovery).  Use this process to keep your sign-in methods up-to-date as you change devices, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.  Updating your security info will help ensure you are able to access your accounts when you need them.
This article provides instructions for setting up Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for your M365 account on a new or different phone or mobile device.  This article is for use when replacing a phone (or mobile device) that was already set up with both the Microsoft Authenticator app PLUS at least on backup method for MFA verification.
This article covers the self-service method to set a new password on MyAccount while your current password still works. If you have forgotten your current password or it no longer works, please see our article on resetting your password instead. These instructions are intended for anyone, but if you have a USNH-issued device, there are special instructions at the end. These instructions can be performed from any location, on or off-campus.
This article includes instruction on how to reset your own password if you've forgotten it or it no longer works.  The same instructions allow you to recover your account if it has expired due to an old password.  This process uses Microsoft's Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) tool.  In order to use this tool, you need first to have set up your personal email and/or cell phone as a sign-in method for password recovery.
This article goes through detailed steps for claiming your account if you are new to any of the University System of New Hampshire (USNH) Institutions - Keene State College (KSC), Plymouth State University (PSU), or University of New Hampshire (UNH).
This article provides information on the permissions inheritance hierarchy within SharePoint and how to plan your SharePoint site to ensure your information is secure.
Some users will require sites that contain information regarding students (FERPA) or medical information (HIPPA) in these cases special care needs to be consider regarding permissions. This article will outline the steps needed to set up a site to accommodate FERPA or HIPPA needs.
This article explains how to enable anonymous file and folder sharing whether or not they have a Microsoft 365 subscription, or SharePoint account.
This article descripts how to recover a deleted document from the SharePoint application.