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This article contains information regarding the Antivirus Software CrowdStrike Falcon for Windows devices. Antivirus Software is a critical part of securing your computer, institutional data, and your personal information.  On University and USNH grant funded Windows systems CrowdStrike Falcon is the required Antivirus. Microsoft Defender is strongly suggested for personally owned Windows devices.



Institutionally Owned Windows Computers

CrowdStrike Falcon is licensed for installation and use on Institutionally owned computers, within the University System of New Hampshire.  This includes Keene State College, Plymouth State University, the University of New Hampshire, and at the USNH System Office. The current version supports Windows up to the current version (Windows 11).

  • For new Windows devices, CrowdStrike Falcon will be installed prior to equipment delivery. Please call your local campus Help Desk if you do not see the CrowdStrike Falcon Application or if you require additional assistance


Personally Owned Windows Computers

Students and employees are encouraged to run an antivirus product on their personal devices. Windows Defender is built in to the Windows operating system. Defender is prohibited from being run on Windows Computers funded via USNH budgets or USNH sponsored grants. Faculty and Staff assigned PCs are enrolled in Configuration Manager and are protected by CrowdStrike Falcon.



Further Readings

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Need additional help?

Visit the Technology Help Desk Support page to locate your local campus contact information or to submit an online technology support request.  For password issues you must call or visit the Help Desk in person.  



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