TeamDynamix: Project Status and Project Health Choices and Definitions


This article details the project status and project health choices and definitions.


Purpose: Project Status and Project Health choices and definitions

Intended Audience:  TeamDynamix Project Managers
Environment:  TeamDynamix Projects


Project Health

Green: Project is on track (project is meeting defined objectives in scope, on schedule, and on budget).
Yellow: Project is at risk, but corrective actions have been identified.
Red: Project is at risk, no corrective actions yet identified.
No Status: This may only be used when the project is not yet in process (see below).


Project Status

New (Not Started): for any approved project in the pipeline, but not yet started. 

  • At this stage you may be gathering high-level requirements but there is no planning of any significance underway.
  • The project has been approved through the normal request process (if applicable) and is simply being added to the queue.

In Process: A project belongs in this status once work begins.

  • Project work includes scheduling, identifying the project team and/or resources, developing KPIs, and naturally any implementation and execution.
  • A project will remain in this status until Completed, Cancelled, or put On Hold.
  • When a project is in process, Project Health should be Red, Yellow, or Green.

On Hold: Use for a project that you want/expect to complete, on which work has paused.

  • There aren't any backend features triggered when a project is placed "On-Hold". It is simply a status and visual indicator that the project is "paused".
  • The project is still active and any resources on the project are still scheduled, meaning the project still impacts resource availability.
  • Resources can still log time/expenses against an on-hold project and still work tasks, issues, etc.

Completed or Cancelled: These project status indicators are only available when Closing a project.


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