Canvas: Set hyperlinks to open in new window

Task: This article describes how to add or modify hyperlinks in Canvas to open in a new window or display in-line document preview.


By default, the hyperlinks that open to Internet resources will automatically open in an new tab. There is no option to disable this option to open in a new tab.

When hyperlinks open to Internet resources they will open outside of the courses, when the person viewing the Internet resource can close the site without also closing the Canvas course.

Link Options:

All hyperlinks will automatically open in a new tab.  For additional options see below.

1. Navigate to the desired page where you are inserting your hyperlink.  Put the page in "Edit" mode.

2. Click on the hyperlink or highlight the words you want to change into a link

3. The Hyperlink edit option appears. Select Link Options. This options a fly out window to view the link and display options for setting inline preview.

4. Select Save or Update to save the page.


Users can add or modify hyperlinks in Canvas to open in a new window or display in-line document preview. 

Further reading:

Canvas article "How do I create hyperlinks to an external URLs in the Rich Content Editor as a student?"


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