Canvas: Timed Quiz Considerations

Task: This article details timed quiz considerations and how timed quiz work in Canvas.


The "Available until" date and time are the ending criteria for a quiz, i.e. If the "Available until" date for a quiz is April 1st at 10:59 AM, that is when the quiz must be completed, otherwise, the quiz will auto-complete, regardless of how much time the quiz was setup for and if the student was given extra time. Students will be given warnings 30 minutes prior, 5 minutes prior, 1 minute prior, and 10 seconds prior to autocompletion.

Note: If you are setting a Time Limit in the quiz, the Available From and Until dates do not also need to be set to the time limit.  Best practice is to make the Available From and Until dates a wider time range to allow students time to access the quiz.   The timer will start when the students starts the quiz.

Similarly, the "Due" date and time indicate the date and time the quiz must be completed (not started) to not be marked as a late submission in the gradebook.


User will understand timed quiz considerations and how timed quizzes work in Canvas.

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