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This video provides an overview of all the communication tools in Canvas.
This article explains how to access, create, and manage the email distribution groups that you belong to and the groups that you own.
This article will cover the process of sending an Email or Text communication to your advisees through the Navigate application.
This article describes how to use the Inbox (email) tool from your Canvas course site.
This article provides information for USNH employees regarding the best practices of use of e-mail communication with personally identifiable information (PII).
This article contains frequently asked questions about Basic and Modern Authentication. Microsoft is phasing out Basic Authentication support starting on October 1, 2022. ET&S has been assisting users to transition away from Basic Authentication for several months and provides these instructions to help student and staff continue to have access to email and other services after Microsoft makes this change. This article is for students, faculty, and staff at USNH.
All USNH institutions were unified into a single M365 tenant, with a single instance of email, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams, in 2021. This change facilitates better collaboration and communication across our institutions.
This article contains resources to assist users in connecting/reconnecting their Microsoft accounts and services.
This article provides instructions on how to view your quarantined email and includes an overview of the quarantine process.
This article provides instructions on how to change the options for the junk email filter to let you control what you consider to be spam or junk emails.
This article provides instructions on how to confirm that the Safe Links feature is enables and includes an overview of the Safe Links feature.
We recommend you use the Microsoft Outlook Desktop App for MacOS or Microsoft Outlook on the Web to access your USNH email rather than Mac Mail.
This article details how to connect your USNH email account to Mac Mail and how to update your email address display for MacOS users.
This article details how to find, view, and copy email headers in Microsoft Outlook on the Web.
This article provides information on the features and benefits of MyAnalytics.
In order to turn off an online or personal archive, you will want to move your data back to your inbox. This article details how to stop the automatic email archiving.