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Print Nomad is a pay-to-print system at PSU. All current PSU students, faculty, and staff can submit print jobs to Print Nomad with printers in the Student Computing Clusters, Library, and elsewhere on campus. This article details how to submit a print job to Print Nomad and print it out.


Requirements for Print Nomad:

  • The user is a current PSU student, faculty, or staff
  • The computer is connected to the PSU Wireless network



Task: To submit a print job to Print Nomad and print it out.

Please keep in mind that using Print Nomad will automatically deduct from your print quota each time you use it, exactly as if you printed from any cluster computer.


Step 1 - Log into with your school username (like jbd2519) and password, and click login.

log in to print nomad


Step 2 - Click on the Print button from the top bar.

print button


Step 3 - Click Select File to Upload and browse for the file you want to print.

Note: Only files listed under Supported file types are printable.

upload file


Step 4 -Click Next to take you to the printer selection page.

click next


Step 5 -​​​ ​​​​Choose a Printer: Select the public printer you'd like to print to. All public printers on campus are listed by building and room number.

Example: If you were to print to the alcove printer in Lamson Library you would select "Lamson 101 Alcove" and then set the printer to "pubLamson101Alcoveprint".

Note: After you choose your Printer Location, then there is only one printer associated with every location, so no need to worry about the long printer names!

choose printer


Step 6 - Printing Options - Specify any additional desired printer options, including duplexing (double-sided) printing.

Step 7 - Click Next

Step 8 - You will be taken to a confirmation page before the printer actually prints your document. If you would like to print the document, click Print Now.

Note: If you do not click print now, your document will not print and no money will be taken from your print balance.

print now



Your print job will be printed at the destination printer.


Need additional help?

Visit the Technology Help Desk Support page to locate your local campus contact information or to submit an online technology support request.  For password issues you must call or visit the Help Desk in person.  

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