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The TeamDynamix Sandbox is the test and development environment for TeamDynamix at USNH. ​​​​​​​This article explains how to access the Sandbox as well as the maintenance and refresh schedules.
This article outlines the regular maintenance windows for TeamDynamix and outlines the periods of time when the application is unavailable due to service updates, new functionality releases, and emergency maintenance.
TeamDynamix version 11.8 release notes, deployed October 28, 2023.
This article lists reports and charts that have been automatically removed from existing desktops due to the update of TeamDynamix to version 11.8 on October 28, 2023.
How to create a Problem Ticket in TeamDynamix
Managing capacity helps us to understand the workload so that we can assess our capability to handle new requests. TeamDynamix has tools for managing Capacity. This document is a reference scheduling time and and actual time reporting using the Workspaces, Projects, My Work, and Reports tools within TeamDynamix.