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The TeamDynamix Sandbox is the test and development environment for TeamDynamix at USNH. This article explains how to access the Sandbox as well as the maintenance and refresh schedules.

Note: With the implementation of TeamDynamix version 11.7 in September of 2022, the TeamDynamix Sandbox replaces both the on-premise test and the on-premise development environments. 



Access to the Sandbox

The USNH TeamDynamix Sandbox Client Portal can be accessed at . All users who can access TeamDynamix production environment will also be able to access the sandbox via USNH single sign on. 

For technician access to the TDNext Sandbox, see TeamDynamix: Links for TDx Production and Sandbox Access.


Sandbox data refreshes are scheduled several times per year 

The sandbox is a replica of the production environment.

  • The sandbox is refreshed with production data periodically, approximately every three months.
  • The specific sandbox refresh date is determined based on needs of ongoing projects.
  • Sandbox data refresh schedule and activities go through the Change Enablement process for approval and visibility.
  • On the scheduled date, the refresh will start at 0800 and will run about 3 to 4 hours.
  • The data for the Sandbox refresh is extracted from the production environment on the Thursday prior to the scheduled date of the refresh. 
  • Most features that are time-sensitive, such as SLA alerts, scheduled tickets, surveys, and workflows will be turned off in the sandbox during the periodic refresh. 


Sandbox service updates may occur weekly  

The TeamDynamix vendor manages sandbox service updates and performs updates when needed.

  • The Sandbox service update window occurs weekly from Friday at 9:00 PM ET to Saturday at 4:00 AM ET
  • These activities may require downtime
  • Activities are typically service releases, bug fixes, or minor enhancements 
  • No announcement is provided to customers 
  • Sandbox service update windows appear as an informational events on the change enablement calendar


More information

For more information about feature availability in the Sandbox, see this TeamDynamix support document: An Overview of the TeamDynamix Environments (free login required to see this link).


Further Readings

TeamDynamix: Links for TDx Production and Sandbox Access

USNH TeamDynamix Sandbox Client Portal -

An Overview of the TeamDynamix Environments (free login required to see this link)


Need additional help?

If you have any questions about the TeamDynamix Sandbox, please send an email to

If you need further assistance, see TeamDynamix: Need Help?

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