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UNH Durham and Manchester faculty now (EOT Fall '22) have the ability to request comments to be redacted from their SEL reports. Faculty that feel specific comments should be removed, can make a request to Academic Affairs to have this approved and removed.
This article describes how to add a page to your SharePoint site and use web parts to create content.
This article will outline the process of removing an article from your publication list.
This article will provide instructions to add equipment/instrumentation to myElements.
This article provides instructions on how to add and removed a shared mailbox to your Outlook mobile application.
This article provides instructions on how to set the permissions on a public folder in the Outlook desktop application. It includes information about permission types and permission levels.
This article provides information on how to manage members in a team in Microsoft Teams.
This article provides instructions on how to uninstall Microsoft Office applications from both the Windows and Mac operating systems.​​​​​​​
This article reviews information about inactive students in Canvas.