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What is a VPN

of your home campus's networked resources remotely, by connecting to the VPN. For example, you may wish to access network file shares from off-campus, or use Banner INB while working from home. You do

Xtender: Improve quality of PDFs created with pdfFactory Pro

printpdf ... Summary This tip is for anyone printing PDFs from Xtender using pdfFactory Pro. Sometimes when you create a PDF with pdfFactory Pro, the image looks grainy -- even though the original looked

UNH Exam Scanning - Information

The UNH Exam Scanning service is accomplished entirely in house; everything from the printing of materials to the actual scanning occurs at UNH. All results from the exams can be posted quickly and

Using the Scanners in Dimond Library

digital files from physical documents that can be send via email, downloaded, or saved to a USB flash drive after scanning. Scanners are located on the main (3rd) floor of the library, near the printers

USNH Wireless Network (WiFi): Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Setup page even after being connected to eduroam?   Non-Browser Devices I Can’t Connect My Wireless Printer  I Can’t Connect My AppleTV  I Can’t Connect My Gaming Console  Why Do Some

PSU Computer Lab Locations

3   X   PE Ctr HHP Mini Lab    8   X X PE Ctr HHP Mobile Laptop cart   26 X     Rounds Education

IoT and Broadcast Reliant Devices on the USNH Network

traffic congests and cripples an enterprise network, so USNH takes proper precautions by using Aruba’s AirGroup technology for this. If you are trying to communicate from one device to another and

Classroom Standards- Keene State College

typically includes a projector and speakers and requires a user to bring their own laptop. We have abbreviated these Rooms as Type I, II, and III. An "Installed Computer + Conferencing" Room is the most

2023 USNH ET&S Summer Classroom Improvements

Description Short name: Type Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Classroom contains foundational technology elements: an HDMI cable for your laptop/device a display

Audiovisual Capabilities Overview- Keene State College

technology elements: an HDMI cable for your laptop/device a display (LCD TV or Projector) a sound (not speech) reinforcement system a control system (may be push

PSU Classrooms - Audiovisual Capabilities Overview

their own laptop, or other device to connect to the projector. Type Two (basic cart) spaces are typically equipped with either a ceiling mounted projector and wall mounted projection screen OR a

Using the MIPRO PA System

way from its start position. This dial is used to control the overall volume and used to power off the speaker. Dial 2: CH1 Volume This dial is used to adjust the microphone level

Microphone Information

, choose Instructor Only or Audio Only mode on the next screen. Remove the microphone from the Charger Base. Attach the microphone to clothing or to a lanyard, position microphone just above the

AirMedia: Connecting to and Best Practices to using AirMedia

the user from the display, the user would need to go through the connection process again to present. Use this button when you are complete with the presentation If someone else needs to

PSU, UNH Virtual Desktop: VDI Connection Instructions

 ADMN 410 or ADMN 926.   This article contains two tasks: To connect to VMware Horizon for use of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) To log off and disconnect from the VMware