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Task: This article describes how to access Office 365 through Collaborations.


The Collaborations tool in Canvas uses Office 365 for collaborating. If the instructor of your course has enabled access to Collaborations, it will appear in the course menu list as "Collaborations". All faculty and students have an account on Office 365. After accessing Collaborations, you have to login to Office 365.

The login process will only be required the first time you access Office 365 through Collaborations from inside of a course. This connection between Office 365 and the course will be saved so the next time you access Collaborations you will be passed through to your Office 365 environment.

How to login to Office 365 in Collaborations

  1. Log in to Canvas and navigate to your course.
  2. In the course menu list, click on Collaborations.
  3. Under Start a New Collaboration, select Office 365 from the "Collaborate using" field.
  4. Select the blue Log In button.
  5. Login with your school's username and password.

Even if the student or faculty has setup a different email address as their default Canvas account, Office 365 collaboration requires the user to login using their school email address. If the user has used Office 365 at other schools, the school email address must be used in your Canvas course. Select the change user button to switch to the option for logging in with a different email address.

NOTE: Some Mac users are having trouble logging in due to an alternative account being saved in their keychain. If you are unable to log in to your account from collaborations, try deleting the keychain item. To update your keychain navigate to keychain access by searching for it under spotlight (magnifying glass in upper right corner of screen). Click on Password in the left navigation bar. Click on the item(S) labeled secureauth... , right click and delete from keychain. Restart the browser and try logging in again.

Office 360 Collaboration Log In screen

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Users can understand how to access Collaborations within Office 365.

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