UNH: Student Experiences of Learning Survey (UNH-D, UNH-M, Law, CPSO): Important Dates

Scope of Article: This article provides the dates for Student Experiences of Learning at UNH - Durham, UNH - Manchester, UNH - Law, and CPSO


Important Dates are summarized in the table below. Explanations and additional resources are detailed in the sections following the table.

Also see the following KB: Student Experience of Learning: Understanding the Dates and Timeline


SEL Important Dates by Event & Term
EVENT\TERM Spring 2024 Full Term Spring 2024 Midterms
Data Integrity Gateway [DIG]    
Law Spring '24 Mid term   Feb 2 - Feb 6
March eTerm 3   Feb 12- Feb 19
Spring '24 EOT March 21 - April 4  
Question Personalization    

UNH Faculty window for Custom Questions

UNH Law Faculty window for Custom Questions

April 15 - April 21

April 8 - April 14

Feb 12 - Feb 18
SEL Student Survey Open    
  UNH Courses ending in February   Feb 19 - Feb 25
  UNH Courses ending in March   March 8 - March 18
  Spring '24 EOT April 22 - May 6  
  Law Spring '24 EOT April 15 - April 26  
eTerm4 & Spring '24 online (including CPSO) Courses ending May May 10 - May 20  
 Winter (J-term)    
Result Reports    
  Faculty only, for redaction requests May 27 March 4
  Redaction Request Window May 27 - June 10 March 4- March 18
  Redaction Approval Window June 10 - June 17 March 18 - March 25
  Redaction Completion Window June 17 - June 24 March 22- March 29
  Reports Released June 24 March 29

SEL Schedule:

NOTE: UNH has a minimum requirement that at least 6 students be enrolled in a course for Evaluation purposes.

After the DIG period ends, Faculty have 7 days prior to surveys being released to add Faculty Custom Questions.

Please keep in mind that there are always some courses that do not end on the same day as most other courses. Since UNH evaluation windows are calculated dynamically from each course’s end date, they will be evaluated as follows:

  • In person, full length courses – 14-day evaluation window starting 14 days before the course end date and ending the same day that the course ends.
  • Online/short courses – 10-day evaluation window starting 7 days before the course end date and ending 3 days after
  • Student Experiences of Learning Survey

Result Reports:

Reports for EOT surveys for UNH and UNH-Law will be released to Faculty only for a review period during which they may request redactions to any comments deemed inappropriate. This is a multi-step process which includes gaining proper approval and can take several weeks.



Need Additional help?

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