Canvas: Gradebook overview

Task: This article describes the grade book functionality in Canvas.


The new grade book functions the same as the previous grade book but has been organized to provide better options for sorting and filtering. There is also a new optional feature being introduced that allows for adjusting grades based on your late and missing policy.

New Gradebook features

The Menu selection has been reorganized and moved to the left side of the grade book. The menu heading titles are named to make the navigation more logical and intuitive. On the right side the Cogwheel icon opens the Settings for the Missing and Late policy

Gradebook: allows you to view the grade book by individual student and to view Gradebook History. For more details see:
  • Individual view: The individual View does not support settings and options from the New Gradebook. You will not be able to adjust the status in this view.

  • Grade book History: allows you to filter by student for history of assessment grades Canvas guide for Gradebook History

View menu: offers the following options

Actions: allows you to export and import the grade book and Sync grades to SIS. See the following articles for more details.

Student Name column: allows you to sort names and display names by either first or last names. See the Canvas article for more details.

Individual column: Individual columns menu option offers new features: Sort by and Enter Grade as. The Assignment Details option has been removed but will be replaced in a future release as part of analytics. For more details about column menu features reading the following articles;

Total Grade column: You can now customize the Total column to display either percentage or points. The Total column can also be moved to the front of the gradebook.

Search: This field allows you to search the grade book for a student name or assignment name.

Late/Missing Policy (Cogwheel): This feature allows you to enable and set the late and missing policy. See the following articles for more details;

Override Column (Cogwheel)



Users should understand the Gradebook functionality in Canvas.

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