Kaltura Capture: Advanced Options

Task: Most of the time the default Kaltura Capture settings will be sufficient. Refer to this article if you need to change settings


This article covers the following topics for Kaltura Capture:


Enabling/Disabling Devices

The screen, camera, and microphone can each be toggled on or off. Simply click on the icon to switch between enabled/disabled.

Changing Input Devices

Kaltura Capture allows you to change the input devices for recording your screen, camera, and microphone. Each of the icons within Capture have an arrow that reveals more options.

Recording your Screen, Camera, and Audio

You can record a combination of your screen, camera, and audio using Kaltura Capture.

To view which screen is being recorded, click the settings arrow next to the screen icon. A preview of your recording's view will be displayed. If you have multiple screens, you can select between them here. Recording your screen allows you to record the full screen or a select area.

To view which camera is being recorded, click the settings arrow next to the camera icon. A preview of your webcam should be displayed. If you have multiple cameras connected to your computer, you can select them here.

To view which microphone is recording, click the settings arrow next to the microphone icon. A preview of your microphone's level should be displayed next to the icon. If you have multiple microphones connected to your computer, you can select them here.

Advanced Settings

Kaltura Capture allows you to change several other settings. To access these, click the Manage button.

Then click the settings icon on the left-hand side of the window.

In the settings menu, you can select camera recording quality and screen recording quality. Click save when making any changes.

On Windows machines only, you will also have the option to record system audio. If enabled, Kaltura Capture will record any audio played from your computer (iTunes, YouTube, audio from PowerPoint, etc). Click save when making any changes.

Recording PowerPoint Slides

Recording PowerPoint slides enables viewers to easily navigate through a video by jumping to a specific slide or by searching for text in the slide.

Kaltura Capture can record any displayed PowerPoint Slides during the recording. Slides are added as chapters with their time stamp as part of the recording.

To record PowerPoint Slides as part of the Capture Recording

  1. Start Recording.
  2. Open the PowerPoint presentation in Slide Show mode before or during the recording and present the slides. Each PowerPoint slide you use during the recording creates a chapter in the recording. Slides shown when recording is paused are not uploaded.
  3. End your recording.

When the recording is completed, the slides are uploaded as images and are set to chapters at their designated timestamps in the recording.


  • When using multiple screens, slides are only captured and recorded from the screen being recorded.
  • If PowerPoint is opened in Protected Mode, slides cannot be captured in the recording. The following message will be displayed.
    "PowerPoint is running in protected mode - no slides will be captured". You may click Enable Editing and create an identical PowerPoint presentation to use with Kaltura Capture.
  • PowerPoint Viewer is not supported in this release.

To view and edit PowerPoint slides recorded with Kaltura Capture

Recorded slides are displayed in the menu on the player.

  • Click on any chapter to jump to the specific time in the video the slide was presented. You can also use the Search box to search for specific words in slides.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following list the shortcuts that you can use for Kaltura Capture Actions.

Command for Mac

Control for Win


Start Recording


Stop Recording


Cancel Recording


Clear all Notifications


Go to Managment


This will help you if you need to change settings in Kaltura Capture

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