Salesforce: Outlook Integration Attaching Emails


This article details how to use the Outlook Integration Attaching Emails for Salesforce.



Task: To use the Outlook Integration Attaching Emails for Salesforce

Note: It's important to use Lightning Sync to relate outreach to the corresponding records and not the contact record.


Step 1 - Set up Salesforce Outlook Integration Add-In on your device

Step 2 - Use Salesforce Outlook Integration Add-In

a image of the salesforce outlook intergation add-in


Step 3 - In the “People” section, click the name of the contact you want to relate the email to and click the Related Tab (if you don’t see it, click “More.”) 

yellow color highlight the relate tab


Step 4 - Scroll down until you find the Inquiry Records and click on the inquiry record that matches what you’re looking for

an example of a inquiry number

Step 5 -  If attaching from your inbox, you can click "Log". If you’re sending a reply message, click "Log" then "Save" and your email will be related to all selected records after you send it. 



You are able to use Outlook Integration to assist you in sending emails.


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