Canvas: Safari known issue with displaying images

Task: This article discusses the known issue of Safari not displaying images in a Canvas course and in particular a quiz.

Canvas quiz issue with safari


There is a known issue with how Safari displays images within a Canvas course and in particular in a quiz.  This can be an issue for students using Safari while taking a Canvas quiz.

Safari see videos as 3rd party and is blocking them by default. There is an option in Safari under Privacy settings to "Prevent cross-site tracking" that can be disabled but it doesn’t consistently fix the issue. The recommend fix is to use a different browser. Chrome and Firefox are the two top recommend browsers.

Instructure (Canvas) is showing it as a bug that needs to be fixed.  There is currently no timeline; however, there is a note in the supported browsers article as a disclaimer. In this case, the last line “use another browser” applies.

If images are not showing up when using browsers other than Safari, the recommendation is to clear the browser cache.

Students using mobile devices to take a quiz should check to see how images display on their device before starting the quiz.  


What users can expect to know how to solve the issue of Safari not displaying images in a Canvas course and in particular a quiz.


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