Canvas & Zoom Technical Requirements

Task: This article describes the technical requirements for using Canvas and Zoom.


Technical Requirements

It is important for all students to thoroughly review and make sure their computer meets the established set of minimum software and hardware requirements for online course tools.

Canvas (myCourses)

Canvas (myCourses) is the learning management platform where students have access to all their courses and course materials. It is important to review Canvas (myCourses) minimum computer specifications and support web-browsers prior to use. Learn more about the requirements at 


Zoom is a videoconferencing application you can use on your computer, phone, or tablet to communicate with others in your class or attend virtual lectures. There are four recommended steps to preparing for use of Zoom.

  1. Review Zoom system requirements information at
  2. Install the Zoom client for your device by visiting
  3. Correctly log in to the Zoom client by following these steps
  4. Complete a test meeting to check headsets, speakers, camera, and microphones are working properly by following

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