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Task: Microsoft Immersive Reader creates a reading experience that adds accessibility and comprehension for learners of all ages and abilities.  As an instructor or student, you can use the Microsoft Immersive Reader on a page, an assignment, and on the syllabus in Canvas (myCourses). You cannot use it in quizzes, or discussions, yet.


Microsoft Immersive Reader works in pages, assignments, course home pages, and the syllabus in Canvas (myCourses). You cannot use it in quizzes or discussions (at this time - the technology is capable, but the community is reviewing the complexity of adding more settings for instructors to manage and the implications of grading integrity.)

The Immersive Reader can be turned on on any page that has the Immersive Reader button near the upper right of the Canvas window.

After launching the Immersive Reader, the page’s content will open in a new window, stripping out all media (pictures, audio and videos and hyperlinks), leaving just the text. The Immersive Reader allows you to listen to single words being read, or the entire page. You can also easily listen to the content in a different language.

The user can change the voice from male to female and increase/decrease the speed of the reading. Text size and background color can also be changed. You can also select how many lines of text you wish to have highlighted at a time. To help with grammar, there is an option to highlight nouns, verbs, adverbs.

Note: Immersive Reader will work when viewing a page with a mobile browser, but it does not work when viewing a page in the Canvas app.

To learn more about using in Canvas, visit: How to use the Microsoft Immersive Reader on a Page.

For more information about the reader, visit the Microsoft Immersive Reader website.


Understand how to use Microsoft Immersive Reader on a page, an assignment, a course home page and syllabus page in Canvas courses. 

Further reading:

How to use the Microsoft Immersive Reader on a Page.

Microsoft Immersive Reader website.

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